Tuesday, August 24, 2010

‘Heronie’ to have a different heroine?

Madhur Bhandarkar is all upset with Kareena!! Yeah he was planning to start his movie Heroine after her current flick “Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji” early next month. But now Bebo seems to be more interested in Karan Johar’s production “Short Term Shadhi” which is going to be directed by debutant Shakun Batra. If rumors are to be believed, Kareena has told Bhandarkar that she could only work on his movie after KJo’s movie by March next year.

It is still not clear if the award winning director is going to wait for Bebo’s dates or if he is going to change the heroine of “Heroine”


Genelia to play heroine in Kakha Kakha remake

Genelia has been roped in to act opposite John Abraham in the hindi remake of Kakha Kakha. Initially Asin was to play this role. It is in fact a surprise as to why this change has been made.

Genelia's spokesperson refused to comment on this.

genelia_dsouza_kakha kakha remake

Deepika opens up on why it didn’t work with Ranbir

The Deepika-Ranbir chapter has loong been over, but nobody seems to be ready to rest it in the graves. Both of them have moved on and found themselves some one else, but still Deepika couldn’t help dropping sublime hints in her recent interview to a tabloid. She has said

“When I am in a relationship, I give it my all. I am totally committed and devoted. I am more giving, maybe because I am a Capricorn. I don’t expect the same back but somehow in all my relationships, it has been the guy who has strayed. You can ignore something if it happens once, but if it keeps happening, you have to realise that something is wrong

It is interesting that she used “Strayed”.. this makes one wonder if it was Ranbir’s growing fondness of Katrina. But Deepika is now happy with Sidharth Mallaya and wants to keep her personal life personal this time unlike the last relationship.


Its size minus this time!!

Bebo tried the size zero look which Saif had aptly commented to look like a hanger. Now she is all set to go size minus!! yeah.. this is going to be for her new KJo movie in which she stars against Imran Khan. Karan has said that Kareena is going to be seen in chaddis (shorts) in this movie which is named “Short Term Shaadi” whatever that means :P

“She has to sport a short haircut and I also want her to try and get herself into a size minus (not a size zero) because she has to match Imran Khan perfectly for my film tentatively titled Short Term Shaadi,”

says Karan. Bebo will start stressing her out for this look once she is back from shooting for Agent Vinod in Latvia.

Ironically Bebo wanted to get her scintillating curves back as Saif is not at all happy about Size 0


New ‘Anjaana Anjaani’ poster

The first poster for the movie “Anjaana Anjaani” received a lot of negative comments as it looked just like the English Flick “An Education” and “A Walk in the cloud” poster.  The director Siddharth Anand is totally frustrated and says that the pose was a classic one and hence was used in many places. But since the poster didn’t create the impression it ought to have done, it has now been redesigned and the new poster is out. The new poster has Ranbir and Priyanka Chopra looking at each other and smiling unlike the first one in which they were staring seriously at the camera. Copying movies is one thing, but copying ideas for the poster?? seriously come on!!


Shiney Ahuja in Big Boss 4

Shiney Ahuja could not have been forgotten after the recent controversy of charges on raping his maid servant. But this Gangster star is all set to come to limelight again. Big Boss 4 makers have been rumored to have approached Shiney to be one of the Guests in their house in the Season 4 which is going to be hosted by Salman dada. Shiney is right now out on bail. Just like in all the previous seasons speculations are running high for the Guests of the Big Boss house. We have to wait and see which one of those turn trueshiney

Priyanka replaces Madhuri for the coveted role of Indira Gandhi

Filmmaker Krishna Shah has roped in Priyanka to play the role of Indira Gandhi in his next movie ‘Mother: The Indira Gandhi Story”. This is going to be a big budget biographic movie to be made in two parts. Jenny Shircore, the academey award winning make-up artist is the casting director. Jenny feels that Priyanka’s face would closely match Indira Gandhi’s face after some prosthetic work. Shah has said in a statement that

“Yes, I am in conversation with Jenny who thinks that Priyanka is the one who can fit in the character of Indira, but it will be too premature to talk about casting as we have not approached anybody as yet”

Albert Finney, Emily Watson, Tom Hanks and Tommy Lee Jones are the other famous actors who have been contacted for portraying various other characters in the movie. Shah has put in a lot of research for his script and has changed it several times. He has said

“The script has been reworked after I got my hands on Richard Nixon’s personal tapes related to the 1971 Bangladesh War. My research has changed the script a lot and now we are looking at casting an appropriate face for Indira Gandhi’s character”

Hmm sounds very interesting and exciting


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